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Nasal Repair For Sinus Fractures

I’am a 60 yo male, who had a badly fractured nose at age 16.  Sinus fractures as well, due to massive blood loss.  Was seen in an emergency room, but never treated.  Result, very crooked nose, can see septum in … Continue reading

Revision Rhinoplasty Question

I recently had plastic surgery on my nose, but im not really happy with it..the dr i believe did a good job on my nose but my nostrils are still enlarged..I had a past of cocaine addiction and that is … Continue reading

Nose Huggies or Rhinoplasty

Hi Dr.Naderi: I have a question. I was wondering if i can get a nose job at age 17 ! now I am 16 and next year I really want to get a nose job but they say that i … Continue reading

Rhinoplasty and Wrinkles

Hello Dr Naderi. I had underwent a rhinoplasty procedure about 4 years ago to scrape down the nasal bone and also to make the tip of my nose shorter. All went well, except I am starting to notice a few … Continue reading

Swollen Lip Following Rhinoplasty

Dear Dr i had rhinoplasty done 7 weeks ago in tehran by one of the top surgens, everything is good so far except that my upper lip is larger than before. could this be swelling? shouldnt it be gone by … Continue reading

Breathing Problems After Rhinoplasty

Hi, Late 1990s I had a sinus surgery in Ohio and the surgeon put a hole in my septum and I went to a plastic surgeon to was fixed. Everything was fine until I moved to NC in 2007 I … Continue reading

Nose Scar Repair

I had a mole removed from the middle of my nose 2 years ago. It has a scar that is getting larger, what can I do? Answer Hi, I would suggest you see a MOHS surgeon to have the area … Continue reading

Nasal Profile

Me personally i don’t like the way my nose look. Especially from the side. Can u help me? Answer Hi, I would have to see and examine you to see if a rhinoplasty to alter your nasal profile would be … Continue reading

No cartlege in Nose

My daughter was born with no cartlege in her nose she was alway’s teased by the kids in school, and now she is an adult now, she still get looked at funny all the time this has followed her through … Continue reading

Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty

Hi Dr. N, My daughter is 13 and was born with a cleft lip and palate.  She had her surgeries at 3 and 6 months.  She now wants her final rhinoplasty and lip revision.  I have consulted with 3 doctors … Continue reading

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"I can not thank Dr. Naderi enough. Beginning to end he is a master visionary that actually can do what he promises for you"
Janice Alexander, Chevy Chase
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Sometimes I know the best way to help a person is to talk them out of surgery they don't need, Naderi says.
Dr. Naderi went on to train above and beyond completing a fully accredited fellowship in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery with Dr. Stephen W. Perkins, one of the world's top cosmetic Facial Plastic & Rhinoplasty Surgeons and a past president of the American Academy of Facial
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He is a clinical instructor for Allergan and Medicis, in addition to having his own courses teaching other Dermatologists and doctors how to properly inject Botox/Dysport and Dermal Fillers.
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*Rhinoplasty is surgery and all surgeries have potentially significant life threatening risks but when performed by a specialist in the proper settings, the risks are reduced.
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