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What to Consider When Your Teenager Wants Rhinoplasty

Unlike many other facial plastic surgeries, a rhinoplasty is not typically performed to help a patient look younger. Instead, it creates dramatic changes to the nasal structures of patients in a wide range of ages. In fact, teenagers are among … Continue reading

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Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Everyone seeks facial plastic surgery for different reasons. And when it comes to rhinoplasty, these reasons can be practical, personal, or medical. Each rhinoplasty patient has his or her own unique motivations. But some reasons come up again and again. … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Treating Sinusitis With Surgery

Sinusitis can be diagnosed as acute or chronic. In the case of an acute sinusitis, a viral infection causes symptoms to develop rapidly. On average, an acute case will last for about four weeks, with symptoms clearing up after one … Continue reading

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What Out of Town Rhinoplasty Patients Need to Know

As plastic surgery become more prevalent in today’s culture, patients are traveling more and more to get a procedure done. Resources like RealSelf, Yelp, and medical websites allow patients to cherry pick their surgeons from any location in the country, … Continue reading

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How a Turbinate Reduction Can Help Your Breathing

Rhinoplasty means “reshaping of the nose,” and it’s a procedure during which plastic surgeons adjust the internal and external structures to give a patient a more aesthetically pleasing nose. However, surgeons can also improve the function and overall health of … Continue reading

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Rhinoplasty to Fix Your Deviated Septum

Your nose is a delicate structure made of bone and cartilage that promotes facial harmony, ensures you are breathing properly, and protects your sinuses. The septum is one of the biggest parts of that structure. It provides stability to your … Continue reading

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Rhinoplasty for Teenagers – Is It a Good Idea?

Plastic surgery’s popularity continues to rise for adults all over the world. But there has also been an uptick in the amount of cosmetic surgeries performed on teenagers. Rhinoplasty has the highest number of patients in the 13- to 19-year-old … Continue reading

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Ways Rhinoplasty Patients Can Speed Up Their Recovery

It takes a long time to heal from rhinoplasty surgery. Some patients are lucky enough to have a shorter healing time than others, but it usually takes several months to a year for most patients to completely recover. There are … Continue reading

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Rhinoplasty Results for a Lifetime

The aging process affects all parts of the body to varying degrees — even the nose. Over the years you can expect to see some changes to your nose as the support structures around it weaken. This process leaves the … Continue reading

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Five Unexpected Side Effects of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a popular facial surgery that can provide dramatic results for some patients. It can be used to reshape and resize the nose, fine tune small details, or effect big changes. Yet many patients who are recovering from rhinoplasty … Continue reading

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