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Surgical Instructions

In addition to selecting a Board Certified plastic surgeon, following pre and post operative instructions will help to ensure that your surgery and recovery goes as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, please do not hesitate to speak to Dr. Naderi or a member of our staff. It is our personal goal that our patients have a wonderful experience from beginning to end when enhancing the appearance of their nose and that they walk away truly happy. You will be given directions for your surgery, which will include notes on what to do (or not do) before and after surgery.

Before your rhinoplasty, you should check with your primary care physician on whether or not it is safe to discontinue use of certain medications that can cause complications during surgery and recovery. Excess bleeding is a common concern for patients taking select medications and herbal supplements. Patients are advised to drink plenty of water prior to and after rhinoplasty to stay hydrated, but should not eat or drink after midnight before surgery.

After surgery, you must have someone drive you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours. Patients are usually seen the day after surgery, although some may wait to be seen at their one-week appointment. During recovery you will need to keep the nasal area clean using a gentle touch. Cold compresses and elevation of the head will help to minimizes swelling.

If you find yourself in doubt of what to do, call Dr. Naderi’s office. If he is not available, call 911 or go to your closest emergency room in cases of emergency, such as uncontrolled bleeding.

Rhinoplasty Procedures

Dr. Naderi is a rhinoplasty specialist, performing rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and nasal reconstruction on patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose or who suffer from breathing problems for a myriad of reasons. Both situations can be distressing and cause a decline in health and confidence. Due to his high-level expertise, Dr. Naderi is able to deliver exceptional results.

Primary Rhinoplasty

When someone is not happy with the appearance of their nose or is experiencing problems with breathing, rhinoplasty may be performed. Rhinoplasty, often called a nose job or nose surgery, requires both technical know-how and a keen aesthetic sense. The nose is one of the most prominent facial features, making it a significant source of unhappiness for patients who feel it is too large, too small, crooked, too wide in the nostrils, etc.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult surgeries to perform since changes in aesthetics can affect function and vice versa. Surgeons who perform rhinoplasty must be extensively trained and have meticulous attention to detail. If not, patients may find themselves in need of a revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Naderi is a specialist in both primary and revision rhinoplasty.

Most rhinoplasty procedures take approximately 1 to 2 hours, although sometimes longer. General anesthesia is typically used. Dr. Naderi has privileges at Virginia’s INOVA system hospitals and performs the surgery at their multiple locations. The technique he uses either entails closed rhinoplasty, where incisions are hidden inside the nose, or open rhinoplasty, where the incision is placed at the base of the nose across the skin separating the nostrils. Bone and cartilage are then sculpted and the skin is re-draped over the new nasal framework. Patients may return to work between one and two weeks after surgery.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a secondary procedure designed to correct aesthetic or functional issues following primary nose surgery. The procedure may be more complex than the initial surgery since scar tissue, incorrect placement of tissue, missing tissue, and other prior alterations can pose a challenge.

Candidates for revision rhinoplasty include men and women who are healthy and have realistic expectations for the improvement of their nasal concerns. Dr. Naderi performs these surgeries at INOVA system hospitals in Northern Virginia and Suburban Hospital in Maryland. A revision nose job can take as little as 15 minutes and up to 3 hours, depending on the extent of correction that needs to be made. Very minor revision can be performed with local anesthesia, although most patients undergoing revision rhinoplasty are administered general anesthesia. Most revision cases (about 70%) are “open,” requiring a small discreet incision made on the skin between the nostrils at the base of the nose. Closed rhinoplasty places the incisions inside of the nose.

The national average rate of revision is about 15%. Experienced specialists have a much lower rate, but no one is able to guarantee perfection. There are many factors that can impact the results of a patient’s rhinoplasty, some of which are out of the surgeon’s or patient’s control. Sometimes minor complications occur during healing, leaving the nose in need of a touch-up. Other times the reasons for a revision are for a glaring deformity or functional issue that has occurred. Causes for serious problems or dissatisfaction with the outcome include surgeon error, miscommunication between the surgeon and patient regarding goals for the appearance of the nose, or patient expectations that cannot possibly be met.


Septoplasty restores function of the nasal airway in patients with airway obstruction. Blockage may be due to a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, narrow internal valve, scar tissue from a previous rhinoplasty surgery, and a variety of other reasons. Local physicians who practice general otolaryngology often send patients with breathing problems that require septoplasty to Dr. Naderi, who is a highly skilled specialist.

In many cases the procedure is performed in combination with cosmetic nasal surgery for patients also seeking a more balanced appearance. This is referred to as septorhinoplasty. There are many benefits of having both surgeries performed at the same time, including the option to use cartilage taken from the septum during septoplasty and applying it to the reshaping of the nose. It also will cut down on a patient’s recovery time.

While most rhinoplasty performed for strictly aesthetic purposes is not covered by insurance, septoplasty typically is since it is performed to improve nasal function. Review other questions and answers about septoplasty or nasal reconstruction for more information.

Plastic Surgery Resources

Dr. Naderi is a Rhinoplasty surgeon with many years of experience. His area of expertise is rhinoplasty surgery including revision rhinoplasty. He recognizes that his peers, too, are experts and would like to share links to some of their websites. Please take the time to review these links below:

Top facial plastic surgeon, Andres Bustillo MD, FACS, is considered a rhinoplasty specialist located in Miami, Florida. Visit for more information about his experience and to view before and after photos of nose surgery and other procedures.

Dr. Epstein treats hair loss in men and women. He is one of the leading surgeons in hair transplantation throughout the country. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein has offices in Tampa, Scottsdale, Miami and NYC. Visit today to learn more or get started. You won’t regret your decision to correct your hair loss — many others have with great success.

Dr. Alexander Donath is a skilled facial plastic surgeon who specializes in Dayton rhinoplasty and other facial surgery including facelift, necklift, ear surgery, and eyelid surgery. He is Board Certified and highly skilled and respected in Ohio. You might also want to visit his website, for a consultation.

Do you need acne scar removal Palm Beach? Visit Dr. Jason Pozner today for more information. He is also a top breast implants Boca Raton surgeon who is board certified and highly respected in the community. He is highly skilled and experience in all forms of breast and body surgery as well as non-surgical options. Visit to schedule a private consultation.

Dr. Vitenas specializes in Houston breast enlargement procedures such as breast implants, breast reduction, and breast lift. He is highly rated and respected as well as Board Certified. Visit or call him to schedule a consultation today.

Dr. Roland is a New York City liposuction surgeon with offices in Manhattan. He offers a variety of body surgery options including tummy tuck and body lift as well as breast augmentation, lift, and reduction. Call 212-744-9400 or visit for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Patients seeking the best in revision rhinoplasty in Broward need look no further than double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Schwartz. He is a gifted surgeon and ENT and has expertise in nose surgery as well as many other facial procedures. Visit to view his media coverage, blog, as well as surgery photos.

Atlanta cosmetic surgery specialist Dr. DeJoseph is one of very few with specialty training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He offers a variety of procedures including rhinoplasty, breast enhancement, body contoruing, skin treatments, and injectables. Call 888-455-FACE for more info or visit

Resources for Physicians

Physicians Indemnity Risk Retention Group (PIRRG) provides risk retention group insurance that all those big name insurance companies provide, but with a personal touch.

In just 4 years YellowTelescope has gone from a start up to a profitable training, staffing, and practice management corporation unparalleled within the medical industry with revenues in the millions. How can YellowTelescope help your practice? We utilize a specialized system to identify, recruit, and train the most impressive candidates for your medical staffing needs. YellowTelescope already manages cosmetic surgery offices in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Aventura, Scottsdale and more. Specializing in medical staff training, we can help your practice grow.

Beverly Hills Surgery Center
An ambulatory surgery center specializing in orthopedics and pain management surgical procedures. Our brand new medical facility is located in Beverly Hills and available to all patients needing wellness procedures.

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