Why Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

There is little doubt amongst prominent Plastic Surgeons that Rhinoplasty represents a unique surgical sub-specialty and an entity different from any other sub-specialty of cosmetic or plastic surgery.   As such, many Plastic Surgeons wisely decide not to perform or offer Rhinoplasty in their practices and choose to refer patients seeking nasal reshaping surgery to the experts in this field.  Other Plastic Surgeons who perform mostly body or facial procedures with occasional Rhinoplasties end up with less than stellar results and unfortunately lead to creation and the necessity for the field of Revision Rhinoplasty surgery.

The nasal anatomy and physiology is distinct from other surgical areas within Plastic Surgery.  The nasal skin and soft tissue envelope is intimately connected to the underlying cartilage and bony frame-work which in turn is connected to the deeper structures such as the nasal septum.  A true Rhinoplasty surgeon must understand all of these relationships and be comfortable with all aspects of nasal anatomy and surgery.

Rhinoplasty is an operation of fractions of millimeters.  The nose does not forgive errors or poor surgical technique and although initial swelling after a  Rhinoplasty may disguise such errors, these issues will eventually separate the true Rhinoplasty surgeon? work from the Plastic Surgeon performing occasional Rhinoplasties.

Unlike most other cosmetic surgical procedures where the final results are reached at about 3 months or so, in Rhinoplasty the final results are not evident for up to a year or more.  Furthermore, the operated nose will continue to mold and shrink-wrap and modify throughout a patient?s lifetime and pictures taken at 1 year, 10 year and 20 years post-op will clearly depict such changes.  As such, it is crucial for the Rhinoplasty surgeon to have the knowledge and wisdom to understand what each and every surgical maneuver can do not only a week down the line but 20 years later.

The nose is a three-dimensional (3D) structure much like a building.  Any change in one view will inevitably result in changes in the other views of the nose.  A true Rhinoplasty surgeon understands this fact and approaches the nose as a whole and devises the best possible surgery for the best aesthetic, cosmetic and functional results.  The key to a natural, safe and beautiful post-operative nose is seeking a true nose expert.  Dr. Naderi is such an expert with over 80% of his practice dedicated to Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC and Maryland.